When things go wrong, courts-based dispute resolution is an expensive, complicated and mutually unappealing option. Our independent and extensive knowledge of property means we can provide a mediation alternative, designed to resolve problems before litigation, tribunals or arbitration are needed.

By adding Savills objective expertise across every aspect of property, we are often able to prevent the need for protracted and costly court proceedings. Our highly experienced mediators become trusted third parties, shuttling between parties to find common ground, narrow contentious ground, secure compromises and present solutions that are deemed fair to all.

Our mediators help explore issues and negotiate between parties to help find a fair resolution for all.

Working in this way, we help to resolve intellectual property rights disputes, arguments over property boundaries, partnership disputes, compulsory purchase matters, divorce negotiations and many related issues. Dealing with private individuals and companies, banks and government bodies, solicitors and accountants, our mediation specialists have built a reputation for professionalism, objectivity and getting results.


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